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Quantum adopts new method for the prediction of ruminant metabolizable energy.

NCGD/MAFF method to predict Ruminant Metabolizable energy

The start of 2010 introduces a much needed expansion of the section within our laboratory dedicated to the analysis of energy using chemical analysis combined with energy prediction equations.

The fundamental characteristics of formulated rations for dairy cattle, around which all other nutrients are structured, is its energy content, Expressed variably as ME (Metabolizable energy).

The traditional (and problematic) approach to energy prediction of ruminant feedstuffs has been to calculate the feedstuff's total digestible nutrient (TDN) level using an equation based upon analyzable components of the feedstuff. The latest in vitro procedures have overcome many of the concerns about use of a biological test, such as the in vitro digestibility of fibre, to estimate the energy value of ruminant feedstuffs.

Quantum Analytical Services, an independant privately owned commercial laboratory will be the first laboratory in the Western Cape to offer in-vitro based energy predictions using standardized commercial enzymes to determine Indigestible Organic Matter.

We will be adopting the NCGD/MAFF method used by Sciantec Analytical Services ( one of the largest UKAS 17025 accredited animal nutrition laboratory in the UK to predict ruminant ME.

As part of Quantum's internal Quality Assurance Program a collaborative agreement has been set up with Sciantec Analytical Services to assist with the verification of Quantum's predicted energy results.

This collaboration also provides Quantum with access to Sciantec's comprehensive testing program for analysis of equine feed which includes:

  • Nutritional analysis
  • Starch gelatinisation
  • Analysis of undesirables such as caffeine, theobromine

For more detailed information about Quantum's comprehensive range of laboratory services or quotes for analysis, please contact:
Ushca Brits
022 487 1285

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